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I currently work with three manufacturers - Wyze, Ring, and Nest.

I have researched Arlo, but due to their cost, it is not one of the ones I have recommended in the past. Everything I have read states the others are just as good, if not better for much less money.  As I research more, I may add Arlo to my offerings.

An additional consideration is to add an alarm system with monitoring.  Many home insurance companies give premium discounts.  My insurance went down almost $200 a year which paid for the alarm and the monitoring in less than two years.


Wyze is my favorite cam.  I have installed close to fifty Wyze cameras and they all have worked flawlessly when installed correctly.  In every credible review, they are always in the top 5, and always earn Best Affordable.  But don't assume the more expensive manufacturers are better quality.  Wyze cameras were developed to offer a low cost solution and they are the reason all other manufacturers had to cut their prices significantly to compete.  Wyze was an industry changer.

The videos below captured "intruders" on first generation Wyze Cams.

Wyze Cams

Wyze Cams

Wyze Cams
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Porch bear__720
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Porch bear__720

Bear break-in
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Bear break-in

Firemen backyard__720
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Firemen backyard__720

I typically suggest four Wyze models for cameras.
All have excellent night vision, hi-def, and two-way voice communication.

  • Wyze Cam v3 - Their newest base stationary camera.  Small size allow it to be installed without being obtrusive. (2.05h x 2w x 2.3d) IP65 weather resistant. 130° field of view.

Wyze Cam v3.jpg
  • Wyze Cam Pan - Slightly larger cam (5.02h x 2.36w x 2.36d) with the ability to pan and tilt.  It can pan either remotely or automatically track motion with AR technology.  Pan 360° and tilt 93° vertical. 120° field of view when stationary.   

Wyze Cam Pan_edited.jpg
  • Wyze Cam Spotlight - All the features of the Cam v3 with an added motion activated LED spotlight.  The light offers 70 lumens of light which is plenty for a porch, but minimal for a driveway.

Wyze Cam spotlight_edited.jpg
  • Wyze Cam Outdoor - Completely wire-free and battery powered.  Batteries typically last 3-6 months based on normal usage (10-20 event videos p/day) 110° field of view. Includes wi-fi base station. Distance limited to your signal strength up to ~300' away from base station.

Wyze Outdoor.jfif


Ring was the company that made residential cameras a mainstay with their Ring Doorbell. Excellent company with several products and services.  They are more expensive than Wyze, but the following products I think are worth the additional cost.  Fortunately they all work well together when using Alexa so you can mix and match to suit your needs and budget.


  • Make video calls with friends or family in hi-definition quality.

  • It can be set it up so the elderly needn't do anything to receive a call.  It simply turns on automatically for approved guests. Great for convalescent homes.  

Alexa Show.jfif
  • Control your lights and devices with voice commands or with a touch on your phone from anywhere in the world.

  • Play music throughout your house and backyard.  

  • Wake up to your customized news report, including your personal calendar, to-do list, or reminders.