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SMART Devices

SMART devices are an ever growing population of devices that simply life.   The following is a sample list of the more popular devices available.

  • Web Cams - See our Web Cam page for detailed information.

  • Plugs - Turn on and off any electrical device plugged into a SMART plug with your phone, voice, schedule, or an event such as you pulling into your driveway and the lights inside your home turn on.  Have the coffee maker turn on at a set time or when you tell it to from your bedroom.

  • Video Calls - Take Skype, Facetime, and Zoom to all whole new level. Wouldn't it be easier to put the phone down and video chat via your TV with everyone in the picture?  If you have a family member that is not technology savvy, you can drop in on a video call without the other party having to do anything.  (Security controls available)

  • Share Photos - Share your photos with everyone in the room in Hi-Def on your big screen television instead of passing around your 5" screen phone and then have to reset it when someone accidentally touches the screen. 

  • Sprinklers - Sprinkler controllers have been around for a long time, but a SMART controller will skip a schedule if rain is forecasted.  Or you can bypass the schedule with your phone or voice.

  • Heaters and A/C - Scheduled heating works great if your life is a perfect schedule. But what if you want to get up early?  From the comfort of your bed, you can turn up or down your thermostat.  Going on vacation? Adjust the temperature while you are gone to save money, but ensure your home is at your preferred temperature when you return.  Everything can be controlled from your phone.

  • Home Security - Completely wireless, have a complete home security system at a fraction of the cost of past alarm system.

  • SMART Locks - With one touch or voice command, you can lock all your dead bolts at night.  You can even program many to open when only your arrive at your door.

  • Garage Door Openers - Open or close your garage door remotely or upon arrival into your garage.  Program it to close automatically at night in case you forgot to close it.

  • Televisions - Instead of having to press several buttons on different remotes, you can turn on the TV, turn on stereo, set to the correct input, and even go to a particular channel with one press on your phone or voice command.

  • Household Music - Play your favorite music to all or specific rooms in your house and backyard.

  • Room Intercoms - Converse to all rooms in your home to announce dinner or listen in on the baby.  

This is only a partial list of how life can be safer, simpler, and more fun with SMART devices.

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