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SMART Web Cams

The new smart cameras are an affordable and excellent way to monitor what is going on outside your home as well as inside.  They were invaluable when the Caldor Fire came within a mile of the Lake Tahoe neighborhood.  Owners were able to monitor the status of their home, see what was going on in our backyard, and watch live the firetrucks and police action on the street.  Sharing updates with the neighbors was incredibly appreciated.

Benefits of a Smart Cam

  • Peace of mind knowing you can immediately identify the source of a strange noise outside your home.

  • Converse in real time with that source of noise.

  • Get notifications on your phone of movement from any of your cameras.

  • Stored video footage of all activity.

  • Not only identify if a package was delivered to your front door, but also prove non-delivery should a package be missing for reimbursement.

  • Know when your children, or spouse, returned home safely.

Examples of what Smart Cams can capture

Actual examples of action captured outside a home.
(Click i for video description)

Wyze Cams

Wyze Cams

Wyze Cams
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Bear visits the front porch

Bear visits the front porch

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Bear opens car door

Bear opens car door

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Clador Firefighters

Clador Firefighters

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Ring was the company that made residential cameras a mainstay with their Ring Doorbell.

Benefits of a Ring Doorbell

  • Notifications on your phone, tablet, or PC when movement is detected.

  • Records video of motion events.

  • When a visitor rings your doorbell, you can answer from anywhere in the US.

  • Is not limited to your existing doorbell location. It can be hardwired or battery powered anywhere.

  • You can answer and monitor video on your Alexa Show or Firestick TV.

Ring pushed.jpg

There are several models including motion lights and alarms.

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