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Home automation is about convenience, energy efficiency, and safety.


  • Turn lights on or off from your bed, sofa, or any place in the US.

  • Have your home lights turn on as you pull into your driveway.

  • Remotely turn your heater or AC thermostat up or down from the comfort of your bed in the morning.

  • Easily program the heater to be at a certain temperature for when you arrive home from vacation.

Alexa bedroom lights.png
  • Automate every light in your home with a simple scheduled routine.

  • Have your sprinklers override a schedule when rain is forecasted.


  • Get a notification on your phone whenever motion or sound is detected.

  • Ability to communicate through the cam. 

  • Review video footage of a car break-in or stolen package.

Bear opens car door

Bear opens car door

Play Video
  • With alarm monitoring, some home insurance companies give reduced rates.  (My premium was reduced by nearly $200 a year)

  • Home rental owners can instantly see number of cars in the driveway.


  • Make video calls with friends or family in hi-definition quality.

  • It can be set it up so the elderly needn't do anything to receive a call.  It simply turns on automatically for approved guests. Great for convalescent homes.  

Alexa Show.jfif
  • Control your lights and devices with voice commands or with a touch on your phone from anywhere in the world.

  • Play music throughout your house and backyard.  

  • Wake up to your customized news report, including your personal calendar, to-do list, or reminders.

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