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SMART Home Improvement upgrades your home to the 21st century

Do you really need home automation?
Do you really need the remote for your TV?
Probably not, but once you have it, it is hard to go back.

Funny how we will spend 20 minutes looking for the TV remote when we could have simply walked up to the TV and manually turned it on in less than a minute.  Many don't even know where the power button even is.

Home automation is about convenience, energy efficiency,
and safety piece of mind. 

Let me help you get to the 21st century and make life simple.


  • Turn lights on or off from your bed, sofa, or even from any city in the US.

  • Have any of your home lights inside your home turn on as you pull into your driveway.

  • Remotely turn your heater or AC thermostat up or down from the comfort of your bed in the morning.

  • Easily program the heater to be at a certain temperature for when you arrive home from vacation.

Alexa bedroom lights.png
  • Automate every light in your home with a simple scheduled routine.

  • Have your sprinklers override a schedule when rain is forecasted.


  • Get a notification on your phone whenever motion or sound is detected.

  • Ability to communicate through the cam. 

  • Review video footage of a car break-in or stolen package.

Bear break-in

Bear break-in

Play Video
  • With alarm monitoring, some home insurance companies give reduced rates.  (My premium was reduced by nearly $200 a year)

  • Home rental owners can instantly see number of cars in the driveway.


  • Make video calls with friends or family in hi-definition quality.

  • It can be set it up so the elderly needn't do anything to receive a call.  It simply turns on automatically for approved guests. Great for convalescent homes.  

Alexa Show.jfif
  • Control your lights and devices with voice commands or with a touch on your phone from anywhere in the world.

  • Play music throughout your house and backyard.  

  • Wake up to your customized news report, including your personal calendar, to-do list, or reminders.